Indoor and outdoor threshing

13661775_505448216315150_99013209670614945_oDisplays of threshing using portable threshing machines are a popular feature at a number of the rallies in Scotland.

However, the portable threshing machine was not found on all farms.  Some had machines installed at the steading.

According to Stephens’ Book of the Farm in 1908 “the portable form 13909187_505448376315134_3642916851216915530_oof threshing-machines prevails in England.  As a rule, there is no threshing machine of any kind in English farm-steadings.  The threshing is done by travelling machines owned by companies or individuals, who may have several machines at work in different parts of the country at one time.  This system is now pursued to a large extent in Scotland.”

13909330_505449786314993_1508800384828746307_o“Several leading firms of implement-makers have given much attention to the manufacture of portable threshing machines, and now the farmer has ample choice of machines of the highest efficiency.  These portable threshing machines are usually worked by steam-traction machines, which also draw them from one place to another.  In some cases portable steam-engines are employed in working the machines, but then horses have to be used in taking the machine from farm to farm.”

The photographs of the indoor Crichton threshing mill were taken at the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum, August 2014.  The photographs of threshing with the portable Garvie mill were taken at the Deeside Vintage rally, August 2014.

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