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From the second half of the eighteenth century Scotland’s agriculture has been completely transformed and new systems of crops and livestock husbandry introduced and used.  The tools, implements and machines used have changed beyond recognition, as have their makers.

These pages celebrate the engineering heritage of the Scottish agricultural implement and machine makers that helped to transform Scottish agriculture.  Theirs is a history of innovation and engineering excellence.  It is also one that allowed the Scots to send their manufactures around the world and to transform the agriculture in other parts of the world.

But it is also a history that is not well known. There are few business records left by the makers, and much of the evidence that is left is ephemeral in nature: pamphlets, advertisements in the press, or entries in directories.  But there are still examples of their manufactures to be seen around the country, whether in museums or in the number of vintage machinery rallies.

These pages seek to encourage an interest in the Scottish agricultural implement and machine makers and their activities by providing a number of links to resources which tell of their past history.

Enjoy exploring the resources and finding out about the Scottish implement and machine makers of yesteryear.

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