Implements among the flower beds

There are some really gorgeous displays of flowers around villages and towns at present. And some of them have agricultural implements and machines at the centre of them. This says a lot about how some communities regard their agricultural histories and the link between implements and farming. It is also a great reminder of our farming heritage and the implements and machines that were used to help grow our crops.

The implement and machines include ploughs, hoes (especially the Hunter hoe), cultivators and tattie diggers. It is amazing how many tattle diggers you will see as ornaments in flower beds in gardens. The Highlands, and especially the Western Isles, used to be great locations to see a display of old implements and machines. I recollect a particularly good collection on the outskirts of Fort William a number of years ago.

Where have you seen collections of implements and machines in flower beds? 

The photos of the Hunter how, the Wallace potato digger and the Allan scythe were taken at West Wemyss, Fife, last week.