Helping to drive power! 

Have you ever noticed how many machines have belts or chains to drive power?

Balata belting was made by a number of companies in Scotland.  12496383_437162209810418_2427824004838539462_oThey included R. & J. Dick Ltd, Greenhead Works, Glasgow, established in 1846, and maker of “Dick’s Original” balata and rubber belting.

The company was a belting manufacturer, a driving rope manufacturer, and a belting machinery manufacturer.  It was a regular advertiser in the farming press, especially the North British Agriculturist, in the 1930s, with its very distinct advertising; it also advertised in the Glasgow post-office directories with distinct adverts.

Further information on R. & J. Dick can be found on Grace’s Guide website:

The photographs were taken at the National Tractor Show, Lanark, September, 2014, and the B. A. Vintage Country Fair, May 2015.

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