Fordson tractors at displenishing sales in 1922

In a previous post we looked at the adverts for Fordson tractors in 1922. While these were aimed at farmers purchasing new tractors, there were a number of second-hand ones around. Some of these were available at displenishing sales across the country.

Newspaper articles of displenishing sales that record Fordson tractors being sold reveal what farms Fordson tractors were being used at as well as the range of implements and machines that were being used on them.

Some of the farms such as Clinterty, Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire, had a wide array of implements and machines, also highlighting that they were highly mechanised. Some of them had implements and machines by leading makers. Clinterty had 2 bindings by Deering and McCormick as well as a 3-tined grubber and a double-furrow plough by Sellar. Brownhill, Slains had numerous ones: a McCormick binder, an Albion mower, Massey-Harris drill sower, a Reid & Leys manure distributor, and a Sellar turnip sower. Rumgally, Cupar, had Masset-Harris ploughs, Oliver tractor ploughs, Newlands tractor cultivator, Bisset binder, Bisset mower, Deering mower, Martin cultivator, Kidd potato planter as well as others. They were also leading farms in their districts. Boon, Lauder, Berwickshire, had been tenanted by Dr Shirra Gibb, author of a Farmer’s 50 years in Lauderdale (1927). As well as the Fordson tractor, they were also using a range of implements and machiens for horse power.

The following are the sales notices of the implements on farms that were using Fordson tractors in 1922:

Clinterty, Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire (recorded in Aberdeen press and journal, 4 May 1922)

Implements-4 box carts with tops, wood cart, 2 stone box carts (without wheels), lorry (1-ton), 4 wheeled, 2 binders (Deering and McCormick), mower, Jack, hay collector, 2 metal rollers, stone roller, 2 turnip sowers, 2 sets link harrows, 4 sets iron harrows, 2 spring-toothed harrows, broadcast sowing machine, 2 turnip shims, small drill plough, 2 D.M. ploughs, 3 M.P. ploughs, potato digger, potato harrows, manure distributor, 3-tined grubber (by Sellar), 2-tined grubber, 2 turnip cutters, pulping machine, 2 drag rakes, 3 sets cart and plough harness, odd harness to suit ponies, riding saddle, horse rugs, small collars, chains and sinkers, barn fan, 2 weighing machines and weighs, sack barrows, peat barrows, ladders (all sizes), hoppers, scoops, oil drums, picks, spades, graips, shovels, barrels, water troughs, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, small poultry houses, pig feeding troughs and others, rick stathills, posts and covers, lorry cover, odd lots of wood, yokes and swingletrees, and all the usual minor farm implements. A quantity of dairy utensils, including plump and crank churns, 7 superior large milk basins, spring weighing machine, etc, bothy beds and bedding, 2 poultry houses, 9×10, poultry house, 12×10, hut, 9×12, all in good condition; incubator (100 eggs) complete, double foster mother, in first-class working order (by Miller, Denny), Ford motor waggon (tonner), 1920, in first-class order, if not sold privately, Fordson tractor, almost new, with Sellar double furrow plough and Sellar grubber, 5 tines; also 3 tractor carts (new), complete with tops, with 4 inch tyres, all in first class condition (for farm or road), if mot sold privately.

Home Farm, Clinterty, Bucksburn (recorded in Aberdeen press and journal, 5 May 1922)

All the farm implements, a quantity of dairy utensils, bothy beds and bedding, 2 poultry-houses, 9×10; poultry house, 12×10; house 9×12-all in good condition; incubator (100 eggs), complete; double foster mother, in first-class working order (by Miller, Denny). Also Ford motor waggon (Tonner), 1920, in first-class order; Fordson tractor, almost new, with Sellar double furrow plough and Sellar grubber, 5 tines; and 3 tractor carts (new), complete with tops, with 4in tyres, all in the first-class condition for farm or road, if not sold privately. All as already advertised.

Brownhill, Slains (recorded in Aberdeen press and journal, 5 May 1922)

Fordson tractor, with Magneto in first-class order; 3 box carts, hay cart (extra good), 2 lorries, binder (“McCormick”, in new condition), mower (“Albion”), tractor disc harrow, drill sower (“16 disc Massey-Harris”), broadcast sower, hay collector (“Callwell’s”), turnip sower (“Sellar”), manure distributor (“Reid and Leys”), 2 drill ploughs, 3 single ploughs, double furrow plough, 3-furrow tractor plough, furrowing-up plough, spring tooth harrow, iron harrows (5 sets), chain harrows, 2 grubbers, drag harrows, 2 shims, 3 stone rollers, 2 horse rollers, horse rake, barn fan (“Baker’s”), 4 sets cart and plough harness, set plough harness, set show plough harness, 4 ladders, box harrows, peat barrows, weighing machines and weights, yokes and swingletrees, and all the usual minor farm implements, paraffin tank (100 gallons).Kitchen and dairy utensils and a quantity of household furniture.

Boon, Lauder, Berwickshire (Dr Shirra Gibb) (recorded in The Scotsman, 17 May 1922)Usual implements on a farm of this size including-15 short carts on wheels, 11 long cart bodies, turnip cutting cart (complete), binders, reapers, mowers, ploughs, rollers, grubbers, harrows, cultivators, manure distributor, grass seed barrows, horse rake, potato digger, Bamford (new) potato digger, drag hay collectors, pair of hand or power fanners and all the usual small hand implements and tools, 4 hen houses on wheels and slipes, 16 set of cart and plough harness a quantity of saddlery, riding saddles and bridles; also, a quantity of household furniture, Governess car, and “Mellotte” separator.

Motor tractor and tractor implements – 1 Hallford motor lorry, 4 to 5 tonner, in good order; 1 Fordson tractor, in first-class order, with Magneto Ignition; 2 tractor driver no. 7 ploughs, 1 tractor disc harrow, with long tree for two pairs of harrows; 1 Massey-Harris binder, with pole for tractor.

Rumgally, Cupar, Fife (recorded in Dundee courier, 10 November 1922)

4 Fordson tractors, 2 Wallis tractors, 1 Saunderson tractor, 3 motor lorries (2 and 3 ton), 2 Massey-Harris two and three furrow tractor ploughs, 2 Oliver tractor ploughs (two and three furrows), 6 sets disc tractor harrows, 1 Newlands tractor cultivator, 1 tractor roller (9 feet), 1 Speedo tractor plough, 4 coup carts, 4 sets cart tops, Bisset binder, Bisset mower, Deering mower, Martin cultivator, 2 Planet cultivators, 2 110a ploughs, 2 drill ploughs, swing plough, Wallace double driller, Sellar grass seed machine, 2 rick lifters (complete), 3 rick lifters (trailers), open easy scarifier, drill grubber, show grain driller, Bisset potato digger, Bamford grist mill, Caldwell tumbling rake, manure distributor, potato dresser, sheep haik, 2 sets circular harrows, potato planter (Kidd), wheel barrow, cattle troughs, corn chest, anvil cross cut saw, 2 30-gallon portable boilers, 2 centrifugal pumps, potato hampers, quantity of scrap iron, stack props and bosses, cart and plough harness for 3 ½ pair horses, and the whole barn, stable, and byre utensils.

Ferneyflatt, Kinneff (recorded in Dundee courier, 14 November 1922)

6 box carts, 2 lying carts; “Fordson” tractor, in good order; two furrow Sellar plough, with self-lift; 1 swing; 4 M.P. and 3 drill ploughs; 4 brake iron harrows; grass seed harrows; 2 spring-tooth harrows; chain harrows; Martin cultivator; Sellar grubber; two horse grubber; 3 small grubbers; potato grubber; “McCormick” disc corn drill; coulter corn drill; broadcast sowing machine; “Sellar” manure distributor; turnip sowing machine; scarifier; potato planter; 3 metal rollers; Cambridge roller; 2 hay mowers; 2 horse rakes; 2 hay gatherers; 2 “Massey-Harris” binders; “Bisset” binder; potato digger; turnip puller; turnip slicer; barn fan; 2 steelyards and weights; sack barrow; 2 potato harps; potato dressing boxes; potato boxes, hampers, and riddles; lime sprayer; horse clipping machine; cattle troughs; large boiler; meal girnel; 2 box barrows; grindstone; ladders; stack bosses and props; 2 portable hen houses; “Millar” foster props; 2 portable hen houses; “Millar” foster mother; chicken coops and runs; barrel lubricating oil; barbed wire; scythes, forks, hoes, graips, shovels, picks, mells, rakes, and the usual minor implements; yokes and swingletrees’ cart and plough harness for 5 pairs horses. Note – the implements and horse harrows are all in excellent order, quite a number of the former having been bought new recently.