An Aberdeenshire trailer maker: Adams Trailers Ltd

If you are from Aberdeenshire you will be familiar with the name of Adams of Old Deer, or Adams Trailers Ltd, Challenger Trailer Works, Mintlaw Station, Aberdeenshire.

1658475_450321941827778_4630466661086629675_oAdams of Old Deer was already established at Mintlaw Station by 1959.  In the late 1950s and early 1960s the company was seeking to expand its business.  It started to exhibit at the Royal Highland Show, where it became a regular attender.  By March 1861 Alexander Adams of the Challenger Trailer Works was advertising his trailers in the Farming News. 

By 1964 the business was rearranging its activities, and on 10 June it incorporated as a company limited by guarantee to form Adams Trailers Limited.  Its purpose was to undertake a wide range of activities including the business of motor and agricultural engineers; garage keepers; motor and tractor dealers and distributors; dealers in all motor and tractor supplies and accessories; dealers in all types of agricultural implements and machinery, plant or equipment, haulage plants, vehicles, lorries, trucks, wagons etc.

10553709_450322081827764_4364811290015151630_oBy the late 1960s the company had developed a number of developments in trailer design.  In 1967 it exhibited at the Highland Show the “transfer weight” transportation system, and in the following year the “vari-tip” trailer. There was also a machinery transporter.

The company continued in business until late 1971.  It was a local company, family run and directed by Alexander Adams, with his wife acting as clerkess.

There are examples of Adams Trailers still on Aberdeenshire farms and around the rally fields. Have a look out for them and trailers made by other local makers. There were a number of them located throughout Scotland, with Aberdeenshire being especially noted for them.

The photograph of the Adams Trailer was taken at New Deer Show, August 2014.

© 2016 Heather Holmes