Displenishing sales in Dumfries and Galloway in 1942

During the Second World War there continued to be farm displenishing sales. A number of these sales were held in Dumfries and Galloway. These provide insights into the activities being undertaken on the farms as well as the types of implements and machines that were being used.

These adverts note the wide range of implements and machines, and the high use of mechanisation to undertake a wide range of tasks from ploughing through to crop processing. For animal husbandry, they note in particular the use of feeding troughs, food coolers, poultry appliances and sheds (the “poultry houses” and “iron loose boxes”), railway milk cans, and refrigerators.

The names of key makers are noted, also demoting the stature and reputation of some of the implements and machines. There are a number of Scottish makers including Wallace of Glasgow, Pollock of Mauchline, Sellar of Huntly, Hunter of Maybole, Bisset of Blairgowrie, Harkness of Annan, Begg of Dalry, but there are even larger numbers of English and North American makers. The latter include Oliver, Cockshutt, McCormick, Deering, Massey-Harris and Wood.

The use of motive power varies, with the use of hand power, oil engines, horse power, and tractors. Barrasgate had invested in a Massey-Harris row crop tractor which was accompanied by implements to accompany it: a tractor plough, binder and a reaper.

North Carse, Kirkbean (Mr J. Robson) (Dumfries and Galloway standard, 13 May 1942)

Implements – 3 farm carts, 2 hay bogies, binder (Albion), reaper (Wallace), reaper (Bamford), swath turner (Bamford), horse fork, horse rake, hay collector, dibbler (Deering), iron roller, spring tooth cultivator, 2-sets iron harrows, saddle back harrows, Parmiter harrows, drill harrows, grubbers, turnip drill, Hunter hoe, turnip cutter, potato digger, potato sporter, plough (Sellar), plough (Oliver 110A), swing plough, double furrow Cockshutt plough, drill plough, cake breaker, hay barrow, fanners, weighing machine and weights, manure distributor (McCormick), 18 sheep troughs, 2 barrows (rubber tyres), 22 sleepers, 45 iron hurdles, corn chest, 3 sets cart and plough harness, 4 cattle feeding troughs, 2 coolers, 2 stack sheets, 18 ft by 15 ft, 1 stack sheet, 30 ft by 14 ft, grindstone.

Usual barn, byre, and stable utensils.

Dairy utensils including Lister separator, 24 10 gallon milk cans.

Poultry appliances, including 6 poultry houses, Gloucester incubator, 150 egg size, fitted with self-turning tray.

Wood and corrugated iron shed, 25ft by 16 ft, wood and corrugated iron shed, 10 ft by 8ft, 4 wood and corrugated iron loose boxes.

Wooden garage.

Greenhouse, 35 ft by 12 ft, garden frame. Bee boxes and bee appliances.

Barrasgate, parish of Cummertrees (Dumfries and Galloway standard, 13 May 1942)

Implements- Massey-Harris tractor (row crop), with iron and rubber wheels and tool bar attachment, 2 tractor trailers, 1 tractor plough, three-furrow (Massey-Harris), 1 tractor hay sweep, 4 farm carts (fully mounted), 1 binder (Massey-Harris), 1 reaper (Massey-Harris) (almost new), 1 reaper (Bamford), hay rake (Blackstone) (almost new), hay rake (Nicholson), potato digger, double furrow plough (Roberts), 2 Harkness ploughs, 1 Oliver 110A plough, 1 drill plough (Ransome), 1 drill plough, 5 sets diamond harrows (3 and 4 leaf), manure sower (Bamfords), corn drill (Massey-Harris), broadcast sower, iron roller (Wallace), horse fork, potato planter (Bisset), spring tooth cultivator, 3-drill harrow (Harkness), 1 drill harrow (Harkness), Hunter hoe, 3 drill grubber, saddle harrows, Ceresan mixer, chaff cutter, cake breaker (hand or power), 1 1/2hp Lister engine, “Amanco” engine, turnip cutter, turnip drill, weighing machine and weights, meat cooler, turnip barrow (runner wheels), hay barrow (rubber wheels), 2 dung barrows (rub wheels), 3 and 4 horse trees, swingletrees, ladders, sheep troughs, fireclay troughs, potato riddle (Cooch), quantity of Massey Harris plough irons, sheep nets, 100 stack props, 300 stobs, oil cabinets, scythes, forks, hoes, rakes, tools, vacuum clipper for milking machine, horse clipper, pig feeder 70 railway sleepers (good), barn, byre, and stable utensils, circular saw, quantity of scrap metal, usual dairy equipment, 24 milk cans (10 gallon, good as new), double-barrelled gun, 2 joiners’ benches, plough and cart harness.

Also, riding, saddle and bridle, pony bridle.

Craigdarroch, Sanquhar (Messrs M. G. & J. Hamilton) (Dumfries and Galloway standard, 13 May 1942)

Implements- cart and harness, box cart and sheep sides, coup cart with R. T. wheels, hay cart, hay cart frame, rick lifter (R. T.), set iron harrows, chain harrows, set grass seed harrows, two horse grubber, iron land roller, Wood’s mower, swath turner, collector, hay and corn bosses and props, cake breaker, 12 sheep corn boxes, 6 sheep nets, stobs, 12 sheep stools, wheelbarrow, 50-gallon paraffin oil tank, 50 empty bags, 3-scythes, odd hand tools, 10-gallon “Champion” churn, etc.

Blackpark, Crocketford (Mr T. Little) (Dumfries and Galloway standard, 13 May 1942)

Implements-2 farm carts (Jack), 1 farm cart, longbodied cart, binder (Wallace), reaper (Wallace), 2 bogies (Pollock), hay rake (Bamford), swath turner (Dickie), hay tedder (Barford), 2 hay sweeps, hay barrow, manure distributor (Bamford), broadcast sowing machine (Turnbull), 2 galvanised cattle troughs, iron roller, granite roller, D. M. plough, potato plough, 2 Sellar ploughs, Begg swing plough, 3 horse grubber, 2 sets iron harrows, saddleback harrows, drill hoe (Wallace), 3 drill grubbers, 2 scuffle harrows, spring tooth harrow, turnip drill, 3 turnip cutters, Parmiter harrows, chain harrows, weighing machine and weights, 40 turnip and sheep troughs, nets and stobs, straw cutter (hand), sheep heck, 4 henhouses, 3 sets of cart and plough harness, usual barn, byre and stable utensils.

Barn fanners (by Corbett), also Butter worker and picking tub, mangle etc.

Also a number of sheep and cattle and implements from neighbours.

Moss-side, Dunscore (Dumfries and Galloway standard, 13 May 1942)

Implements-4 farm carts, binder (Massey-Harris), reaper (Hornsby), swath turner (Martin), 2 hay rakes, 2 hay bogies, hay sweep, potato sorter (Cooch), potato digger, cultivator (Martin), three-horse grubber, drill grubber, drill harrow, 2 sets iron harrows, saddle-back harrows, Harkness plough, Begg bar point plough, swing plough, Oliver 110A plough, double furrow horse Cockshutt plough, broadcast sowing machine, box for broadcast sowing machine, fanners, manure distributor, turnip frill, 2 turnip cutters, sheep net and stakes, sheep troughs, hay barrow, 2 henhouses, barrow (new).

Usual barn, byre, and stable utensils.

Dairy utensils including 14 ten and twelve-gallon railway milk cans, refrigerator, etc etc. 4 sets cart and plough harness. 1 set of ploughing match harness (extra good). Oil stove, Singer sewing machine.