What implements and machines were used on Kincardineshire farms in 1931?

There were a small number of displenishing sales that took place for the Martinmas term in Kindcardineshire in 1931. This was a time of great difficulty in Scottish – and British – agriculture with low prices and sluggish demand for crops. Farmers who came through this time – like my grandfather – never forgot about how difficult they were. The second hand market provided an important place to purchase them, including displenishing sales. 

The three displenishing sales notices in the Aberdeen press and journal in November 1931 show the range of implements and machines used on farms. The range at East Carmont, which appears to have three sets of horses, was modest by comparison to that at West Bogheadly, Rickarton which had a Fordson tractor used alongside horses. It also had implements and machines from key makers including the Scottish one Bisset of Blairgowrie, the English make Bamford, and North American ones – McCormick, Massey Harris and Osborne. Interestingly, it also had 2 peat barrows, 2 peat sledges, and a stone sledge; these are not always recorded in sales.

East Carmont, Dunnottar (13 November 1931) 
“Implements -2 box carts, long carts, spring cart, dog cart, Massey-Harris binder, reaper, mower, hay rake, hay collector, 3 horse grubber, 3 sets harrows, spring tooth harrow, 2 sets chain harrows, 2 drill harrows, metal roller, drill plough, 3 single ploughs, setting-up plough, barn fan, weighing machine and weights, bushel measure, cart and plough harness for 3 horses, set gig harness, potato digger, broadcast machine, 3 portable hen houses, paraffin cabinet, turnip sower, potato boxes, potato baskets, portable boiler, scythes, graips, and all minor utensils.” 

Middleton, Findon, Portleithen (13 November 1931)
“mplements -2 box carts, long cart, water cart, spring cart, dog cart, grubber, 2 spring toothed cultivators, 2 swing ploughs, Don plough, D. B. plough, 2 sets iron harrows, chain harrows, McCormick binder, new Albion mower, horse rake, metal roller, stone roller, broadcast sowing machine, turnip sowing machine, shim, 2 sets cart and plough harness, 2 sets spring cart harness, 2 box barrows, ladders, grindstone, weighing machine and weights, sack barrow, hasher, sculls, drag and hand rakes, cart ropes, barrels, poultry houses, chicken coops, scythes, forks, spades, graips, hoes, forks, brushes, lanterns, yokes and swingletrees, and the usual assortment of minor farm implements.” 

West Bogheadly, Rickarton (13 November 1931)
“Implements -2 box carts with double shelvings, 2 long cart bodies with harvest frame (as new), 2 Osborne and Massey Harris Binders, 1 Bisset Mower, McCormick Horse and drag rake, 2 Sellar MP ploughs, Sellar drill plough, Don plough, Don horse hoe, Don manure distributor, furring-up plough, Don 10 tine spring tooth harrow, chain harrows, 17-tine spring-tooth harrow, cultivator for 3 horses or tractor, 3-horse grubber, 2-horse grubber, 9 tine drag on wheels for tractor, iron harrows, grass seed harrows, 2 metal rollers, broadcast machine, turnip sowing machine, scarifier, Bamford potato digger, potato dressing machine, turnip puller, turnip potato dressing machine, turnip puller, turnip sheep cutter, hay cutter turnip slicer, steelyard and weights, barn fan, sack barrows, sack holder, bushel, 2 box barrows, 2 peat barrows, 2 peat sledges, stone sledge, 3 portable henhouses, chicken coops, yokes and swingletrees, stack bosses, stack props, cattle feeding troughs, corn chest, corn bruiser, 50-gallon paraffin cabinet, grain sacks, plough hurley, bogie wheels, wire strainer, portable boiler, cart and plough harness and all minor utensils. Fordson tractor with transmission brake, belt pulley, and road band (as new). 
The implements are in excellent condition and well worth attention. 
Dairy utensils-Hathaway churn, cheese press, milk basins.”

What can you tell about these farms from their implements?