Transferring business: Alexander McCutcheon, agricultural implement agent, in 1950

Especially from the second half of the nineteenth century there were a number of mergers of implement makers and agricultural engineers in Scotland. These included some of notable makers as well as less-well known ones. During the twentieth century some of these businesses were brought under some of the larger supply businesses such as “SAI” – Scottish Agricultural Industries or Lothian and Border Farmers Ltd.

One such business that came to be acquired in such a way was that of Alexander McCutcheon. Alexander was an agricultural seed and implement agent based in Lanark Road, Currie, Midlothian, from the early 1930s. By 28 November 1939 he had expanded in business. He took possession of Muirhall Farm to be used as a service depot for agricultural implements and machinery. He was an agent for agent for Massey-Harris Ltd. By 1950 his address was recorded at Muirhall Works, Larbert, Lanark Road, Currie, and Auction Mart, Falkirk.

In June 1950 local newspapers in Falkirk and West Lothian reported the take over. This is how they reported it:

Transfer of business (Falkirk herald, 8 July 1950)

The business of Alexander McCutcheon, Agricultural Implement Agent, Muirhall, Larbert, has been sold to Messrs the Lothian and Border Farmers Ltd.

Mr McCutcheon takes the opportunity of thanking his customers for past patronage and hopes they will continue to support his successors.

Business intimation (West Lothian courier, 21 July 1950, Falkirk herald, 15 July 1950)

Lothian & Border Farmers, Ltd, of Leith, Airdrie and Newton St Boswells, intimate that they have acquired the business of Agricultural Implement Agent and Service Engineer carried on by Mr Alexander McCutcheon at Muirhall Works, Larbert, Lanark Road, Currie, and Auction Mart, Falkirk.

It is their intention to carry on and develop all parts of the business, and they solicit the support of all former customers and all others in the area.

Representatives will be in attendance at the following markets – Stirling, Falkirk, Linlithgow, Gorgie and Lanark.