Summer is the time for vintage agricultural rallies and holidays …

This year all the rallies have been cancelled and if we want to go abroad for our holidays we face restrictions in where we can go (though there is nothing like staying in Scotland). These changes don’t mean that we will have a dull summer.

We have been thinking about what we are writing for our Scottish agricultural implement maker posts over the summer and early autumn.

At the weekends we will recollect some great rallies and rally displays from the past. We might even post on both a Saturday and a Sunday instead of our usual Sunday. On a Tuesday we will follow our usual practice of posting random posts on the Scottish agricultural implement makers.

On a Thursday we will post a new series of articles: the A to Z of Scottish agricultural implement makers. Each week we will work our way through the alphabet to look at who were the Scottish agricultural implement makers in the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century until 1970. This will provide a selection of makers rather than being a comprehensive list.

This A to Z will also help us anticipate our Directory of Scottish agricultural implement makers, 1843-1914 which we hope will be published soon. More details will follow.