Socialising with the implement makers: festive social events

There will have been a few work nights out in recent weeks. A number of the agricultural implement makers held dances and other events for their workers in the run up to Christmas. Two such events were recorded in 1923, arranged by Wright Bros, millwrights, Boyne Mills, and J. & D. Craig, agricultural engineers and millwrights, Letham. Both were large events.

Here is how the local preset reported them:


Ball-The employees of Messrs Wright Bros, millwrights, Boyne Mills, held a ball in the Hay Hall on Friday. Some 70 couples were present, and music was provided by Beattie’s jazz band. Mr A. Smith was M.C. and Mr Wight, jun, Secretary.” (Aberdeen press and journal, 26 December 1923)

“Letham’s undeterred dancers

The employees of Messrs J. & D. Craig, agricultural engineers and millwrights, along with a few friends, held their annual “hop” in the Feuar’s Hall, Letham, last night.

The weather was not propitious, snow falling fast, with every appearance of a storm. Notwithstanding there was a large turnout, over fifty couples taking the floor.

The hall was prettily decorated, and presented a gay appearance. Catering was in the hands of Mrs Malcolm, the hotel, while excellent music was provided by Craig’s String Band, with Miss Stirling as accompanist. Messrs J. R. Smith and D. O. Craig acted most efficiently as M.C.s, and great credit is due to the committee for their excellent arrangements.

Those who accepted invitations were:-

Ladies-Misses A. Anderson, Auchterhouse; M. Barrie, Letham; L. Barrie, Mill of Lour; B. Balfour, Forfar; Mrs D. O. Craig, W. March, Gardyne; Misses C. Craig, Idvies Mill; B. and L. Craig, Dundee; M. Carnegie, Bowriefauld; S. Carnegie, Bowriefauld; N. and M. Cargill, Ramsay Cottage, Letham; L. Dickson, Braehead; the Misses Duncan, Forfar; Misses A. Edward, The square, Letham; A. Fleming, Dundee; the Misses ferrier, Craichie Mill; Misses Gray, Letham; A. Henderson, Dundee; E. Henderson, Curden, Letham; J. Kirkland, Lour; M. laird, Tealing; F. Lowson, Forfar; Mudie, Dundee; Martin, Arbroath; W. Martin, Aberdeen; Mather, The Square; A. Nicoll, Kirkbuddo; Ross, Forfar; M. Roy, Bridgend, Letham; H. Reid, W. Idvies; S. Scott, Forfar; Misses Scott, Ascurry; M. Sturrock, Letham; M. Stirling, Letham; M. Smith and the Misses Smith, Letham; Smart, Balgavies; J. Taylor, Carsegownie; G. Wilson, Blackgates.

Gentlemen-Messrs J. Anderson, Pitkennedy; J. Anderson, Forfar; A. Air, Idvies Mill; W. Barrie, Idvies Mill; R. Bremner, Leysmill; Wm Brown, the Rowans, Letham; S. Buchan, Auchterhouse; D. O. Craig, West March, Gardyne; A. Craig, Idveis Mill; A. Cargill, Ramsay Cottage; R. Craik, Kingston, Forfar; J. Donaldson, Forfar; A. Eaton and C. Edward, The Square; H. Fletcher, Mosside, Lour; F. Fraser, Letham; T. Ferrier, Craichie Mill; J. Graham, Gardyne Street; G. Gold, Kingsmuir; D. Kirkland, Lour; J. Leslie, Kingsmuir; A. Lindsay, The Square; the Messrs Middleton, Bowriefauld; R. Mitchell, Letham; W. J. Milne, Fettercairn; W. McKenzie, Craichie; J. Noble, Idvies; Messrs A. Nicol, Idvies Mill; A. Paterson, East Idvies; J. Prain, Meadowgreen; A. Roy, Bridgend of Idvies; D. Rough, Ashmount; G. Reid, West Idvies; A. Robertson, Idvies Mill; Messrs Strachan, The Square; J. Smith, Letham; W. Scott, Ascurry; C. Scott, Idvies Mill; J. Sturrock, Letham; J. Taylor, Carsegownie Muir; A. Wilkie, Meadowgreen; J. Wishart, Idvies Mill; J. Wilson, Blackgates; J. Webster, Kingsmuir.” (Dundee courier, 22 December 1923)

Did you attend a Christmas social for one of the implement making businesses?