Advertising spring implements in the mid 1920s

How were some of the key implement and machine makers advertising their spring implements in the agricultural and general press in the 1920s?

While adverts tended to be short, they needed to include as much pertinent information as possible. They could note that they were selling spring implements and ask farmers and agriculturists to enquire. Some also listed the main ones as a way of highlighting what was available. As noted in an advert from H. W. Mathers & Son, Perth, these could quickly turn into a long list. Such a list could also get agriculturists to think about their future requirements, even into the early summer and into harvest time.

The status and importance of particular makes was noted. This could be achieved by referring to key makers such as Alexander Jack of Maybole. It could also be denoted by noting that a seller had “all very latest machines”, as was noted by H. W. Mathers & Son, Perth, in March 1922.

An important part of some of the adverts was price. Rarely were specific prices of implements noted. More usually, it was that their prices were low or available at “astonishingly low prices” as noted by H. W. Mathers & Son, Perth, in March 1922. This was especially important at times of high prices, such as in the early 1920s. A further key aspect of the adverts for some makers was customer satisfaction and ensuring that farmers and agriculturists were well-served. For some it was important to note that implements were in stock so that farmers and agriculturists knew that they could get them at short notice and would not have to wait for them to be manufactured or delivered to an agency.

“Spring implements

We have a complete range of all the latest implements suitable for horse and tractor work, including the following:

Land roller, 6 and 9ft sizes

Grain drills, latest pattern, 12 to 16 row

Potato planters

Double drilled plough and manure sower

Artificial manure sowers

Jacks Imperial and Ideal, 8 and 9 ft sizes

Turnip sowers

Mowers, binders, and binder twine

Tractor disc harrows and tractor plough

Intending purchasers should book their orders now as prices are rising and delivery uncertain.

Write for cash prices

H. W. Mathers & Son, agricultural engineers, Glasgow Road, Perth” (Dundee courier, 5 March 1920)

“Spring implements

Land rollers, 9 ft x 20 in, with pole trees and cross pole, brake and seat; land rollers, 6ft x 20 in, with shafts and fittings; spring tooth harrows, cultivators, horse and tractor types; grain drills, manure sowers, broadcast and double drill ploughs, grass seed sowers. All very latest machines at astonishing reduced prices.

H. W. Mathers & Son, agricultural engineers, 18 Glasgow Road, Perth.” (Dundee courier, 7 March 1922)

“Everything for the farm.

Spring implements for everything. For value and service.

Write for keenest prices to-day!

James H. Steele, Harrison Road, Edinburgh” (The Scotsman, 5 March 1924)

“Are you a prospective buyer of anything in the way of spring implements?

If so, we are anxious to get in touch with you. At the present minute we have some exceptionally keen prices to offer in:- spring harrows, diamond harrows, broadcast sowers, cultivators, turnip sowers, drill plows, grain drills, manure distributors, cake waggons.

Our advice is at your disposal, send your enquiry now.

Gillies & Henderson, Bread Street, Edinburgh.” (The Scotsman, 23 February 1924)

“Spring implements

We can deliver from stock

Grain drills, manure distributors, horse and tractor ploughs

Prices and lists on application

A. M. Russell, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.” (The Scotsman, 22 February 1922)

““Service and satisfaction”

We request the opportunity of quoting for spring implements and farm seeds.

A M. Russell, Grassmarket, Edinburgh” (The Scotsman, 6 February 1924)


Implement department

Nowhere better service

Nowhere finer quality

Nowhere lower prices

Our aim is “service and satisfaction”.

Send your inquiries for spring implements.

A M. Russell, 108-112 West Bow, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.” (The Scotsman, 15 March 1924)

“Massey-Harris spring implements

Grain drills. Spring tooth cultivators. Inquiries solicited.

A. M. Russell, West Bow, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.” (The Scotsman, 11 March 1925)

“Spring implements

Manure distributors, harrows, broadcast grass-seed barrows, drill ploughs, &c all at keenest prices, inquiries solicited.

A. M. Russell, 108-112 West Bow, Grassmarket, Edinburgh” (The Scotsman, 13 March 1926)

“Spring implements

Manure distributors, land rollers, harrows, broadcast sowers, spring tooth cultivators, turnip sowers.

Prices on application.

Barclay, Ross & Hutchison Ltd, 67 and &1 Green, Aberdeen.” (Aberdeen press and journal, 17 February 1925)

“Spring implements

Manure distributors, land rollers, harrows, broadcast sowers, horse and tractor cultivators, turnip sowers

Barclay, Ross & Hutchison Ltd, 67 & 71 Green, Aberdeen” (Aberdeen press and journal, 8 March 1928)